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Give yourself a younger-looking complexion or treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage and stretch marks with our microdermabrasion procedure.

Quick Facts

60 min
Sessions Required
Discomfort level
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Additional Information

How does it work?

Collagen is a protein in your skin which is abundant when you're a child and makes skin appear smooth. Collagen production declines as we age, resulting in looser, uneven skin.  Microdermabrasion helps to thicken your collagen while removing the thicker, uneven outer layer of your skin with a minimally abrasive instrument.

Benefits of Treatment:

  • Brightens complexion
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tackles acne and scarring
  • Evens skin tone 
  • Improves skin texture

Am I a good candidate for microdermabrasion?

If you’re unhappy with the way your skin looks, microdermabrasion may an effective treatment option for you if:

  • You’re looking to get rid of skin texture issues.
  • If your skin is dry and dull.
  • You’re looking for a minimally invasive treatment to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Concerns/conditions addressed:

  • Light scarring
  • Discoloration
  • Uneven skin complexion
  • Dull skin

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