Medical Services

Don't take healthy skin for granted.

Your skin is your front-line defence against illness. Spots, discolouration, bumps, rashes, rough patches, and lesions are all common signs of an underlying issue — particularly when present for prolonged or repetitive periods of time.


Play it safe. If you’re concerned about something on your skin, see your family doctor and ask for a referral to Parsons Dermatology. We’ll work with your family physician to ensure you get the proper care and treatment you need.

For Patients

How to book your appointment to see Dr. Parsons

For legal reasons, all medical dermatology issues require a referral from your family physician.


Please speak to your doctor and request a referral to see Dr. Tiffany Parsons.

When to speak to your doctor

Regular screenings with your doctor should reveal any need to see dermatologist. However, in addition to screenings, you should keep an eye out for:

  • Changes in shape, size, or colour of any moles;
  • Persistently dry, itchy, or irritated skin;
  • Rough, scaly patches on your scalp, knees, elbows, or lower back;
  • Persistently red or flushed skin.

Intake Form

To minimize your time in the waiting room, consider printing and filling out our patient intake form ahead of your appointment. (Don’t worry: if you have any questions just come on in and we’ll help fill it in.) 

For Referring Physicians

Have a patient you’d like to refer to Dr. Parsons? Our referral forms are available online for your convenience: